What story are you writing today?

magnificent story

Each day you get to create, choose and share your story.  

What story are YOU writing today?

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9 thoughts on “What story are you writing today?

  1. So very true and at the same time so hard to implement especially when you are in an impasse, when the “Sh**” hit the fan. It takes a higher consciousness to be able to live that way day in and day out. Unfortunately I am not here yet.

    • Juan- so true and yet what if the impasse was giving you the opportunity to consider many different possibilities? What would those possibilities be? You are already creating your story day in and day out…

  2. Every day, I wake up and figure out the story I am going to tell. And, Juan I agree with you there are days where I start out amazing and then as sh&*^* hits the fan it turns… sometimes I catch myself and on those days the story writes pretty well. I often wonder if Deepak chopra has an off day! Thought provoking blog Sue..thanks

    • Funny you mention Deepak. Red Elephant, the production team who is producing my event in March, just produced Deepak Chopra’s event last weekend so we have been quoting. And we are always AMAZING- we just forget… the key is learning to remember.

  3. I was at a training from my coach program and met a woman who was helping people write their book, in the end she realized she was helping people become authors. I realized it’s all in how we think of it. Your quote is so perfect. We are the authors of our lives and our businesses and everything else. We are the ones empowered to create exactly what we want.

    –Kim Ravida