What is Causing You to be in Overwhelm?

My brain is in overwhelm

 What is Causing You to be in Overwhelm?

Digitally generated My brain has too many tabs open

I know that lots of people are in overwhelm and are feeling like “they are flying by the seats of their pants.”  Rather than me giving more information (perhaps overloading you even more)  today by giving a whole lot of tips or ideas, I am putting my listening ears on and wanting to know a few things from you and then I will respond in the comments section  Perhaps even invite you to a call with me where I will REALLY listen.

So, I am curios- “What is holding you back?”  or “What is Causing you to Be in Overwhelm?”


That’s it- I truly want to know and I wish you a wonderful weekend- sue


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One thought on “What is Causing You to be in Overwhelm?

  1. What’s holding me back? I am kind of a “jackie of all trades” and cannot decide the niche that I need to or truly desire to focus on. I try to focus on writing or my skin care business but always end up trying to chase rabbits and squirrels at the same… Heavens knows they are both much faster than I am!!!
    And perhaps it may be moreso the deep seated shyness that I have which somehow is masked from the outside world but stares me in the face all the time. Meaning others don’t see me as shy; but I do very much consider that I am and it still gets in the way after all these years.