Welcome to Monday and Day 22 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Good morning!  Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready to tackle our last week of the Blog-A-Day Challenge.  Time to play with some other mediums as I have seen some of our bloggers doing.  Think also about creating a way to have people connect with you beyond the challenge (special report, a webinar Mondayetc).


Wishing you a Magnificent Monday! 

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19 thoughts on “Welcome to Monday and Day 22 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

    • done

      Karen, I never noticed your sign up for your free ebook and video training. I went looking after reading your comment, and I see it’s very similar in text with the rest of your blog and at the end of your bio so to speak, my 2 cents but I’d make it stand out so people can see it – esp. if they are skimming.

      • Kim, every single one of my blog post ends with it “…. I would love for you to join my Healthy Gut Advisor community. Click here and download your very own Free Ebook and video training today.” I also have it on the top of my website and on the right hand side in orange. If you are not seeing it then thank you for letting me know. I wil get with my web designer and get this changed so that it stands out more. I will also add a box or something at the end of each post so that it stands out even more…thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.

        • Actually on the blog page it is not at the top.. I will have that changed however, it is on the side twice… I do know that I am getting a ton of sign ups from my blog posts but perhaps I am missing many others..thanks so much