Welcome to Day 25 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

Today, I invite you to step into being GREAT.  To connect with people in a bigger way, to live today with just a little more passion.  To pick a goal that you thought was a little too big and take 1 step toward it.

1390-Marden-800x600Everyone is born with innate greatness and when you connect to that AND live into it- WOW!  that is where the juice of life is and when the magic happens.  Try it on for today and then perhaps tomorrow and then….

Enjoy your wonderful fantastic day! 



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13 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 25 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge

  1. Very true Sue, Every one have something special within and once we connect to it then the magic of life begins. Excellent reminder as we approach the finishing line.

  2. Hello every one, First I must apologize for not commenting on anyone’s post yesterday, I am having a personal challenge and that is taking a lot of my time, Today’s post is one I had been working on for a while and I was able to breeze through it, Hopefully I may be able to comment.
    so here is my post for today:
    Thank you for those who commented on the post yesterday.