Welcome to Day 16 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge Feb 16, 2016

Get More Engagement for your Blog

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Now that you have been writing for over 2 weeks and getting into a rhythm, I want to share some tips to expand your reach.  I will be expanding upon these on my blog today so I will post that later today.  Hope these tips help you and push your blog to heroic levels.

  1. Social Media: Use social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even LinkedIn to help create and expand your audience.
  2. Keywords:  What words do people use when searching for the information that you are providing.
  3. Great Headlines: Use headlines that will create interest and have people share your post
  4. Guest Blogging: Blog on other sites to increase your audience as well as add value for another blogger.  Create relationships with people who offer complimentary information.
  5. Power Commenter: Find other blogs which offer information to people who are in your target audience.  Make relevant comments and you can create interest for your own blog.

Keep up the great posts!

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29 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 16 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge Feb 16, 2016

    • Yvonne, you make a great point about commercials in your comment. I might start listening with my eyes closed to see if I can figure out what they are selling. It’s always easy to tell what they are selling without sound, but I never considered it without sight.

      I tried to comment but it said I had to log in to do so.

    • Yvonne, well you certainly opened my eyes, that is for sure. It’s a reminder that we need to be crystal clear to get our message across. Great to think about. I teach group exercise and one thing I learned in my training was to teach to the visual, auditory and kinetic but when I actually started teaching I realized I had to learn to teach to those who don’t hear as well or that English is a second language. Thanks for this great post.