Values to Vision Webinar with Holly

“How to Connect Your Values to Your Vision”

Live Webinar with Holly Chantal and Sue Guiher

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Friday Feb 14th at 11 AM EST

Yogi Berra said

“If you come to a fork in the road, take it”

But how many of you, stand at that fork unable to move forward,  paralyzed in indecision?  
What has indecision cost you in terms of time, money, energy and opportunities~ not to mention your confidence? 
I am on a mission to help you move forward and this is your first step.

DURING THIS FREE WEBINAR:  You will discover:

  1. How to finally understand Who you are at the Core… and WHY this is crucial to building a brand that has clients lining up to work with you!
  2. Why connecting Who you are with your Purpose will allow you to let go of what’s not serving you so you can become more profitable in your business.
  3. A process for making decisions faster, with greater clarity and the confidence you need to move forward.
  4. A quick and effective way to connect to your Passion… so you can re-connect to your Vision.
  5. A totally unique way to get incredible results for your clients… even though you’ll probably be working less than ever on that part of your business.

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