Universal Marketing Law ( Myth#17): Marketing Gets You Clients

In the world of business, I am sure there is not a Universal List of Marketing Laws; but I do have a list and for me many of these “laws” are actually myths.  So the first Myth is that Marketing “gets” you clients. Wait a minute, you say. Isn’t that what marketing is for, getting you clients. Ah, I see you have bought into the law/myth. Perhaps this myth that Marketing “gets” you clients is actually #1 on your list.

Perhaps that is why you struggle to get clients

At least it is why many of my clients have struggled to find clients. They know they are good at what they do so they have started their own business and they have business cards, a website and other information out there about their business. They are marketing all right and it doesn’t feel good. It doesn’t feel good because it feels like a lot of time spent and no sound of $KA-CHING, people buying their services.

Instead of listening immediately for the desired $KA-CHING, service professionals need to be listening for the sound of phones ringing and the click-click of the “mousses” going. This means potential clients are checking you out. They check you out by calling by checking your online presence and contacting people who have done business with you in the past. They are checking you out because they are now aware of you- and this is a good thing.  So while it is not a Universal Law that Marketing gets you clients; there is a law that applies and that is the “Law of Awareness.” 

Marketing does not get you clients but it does create awareness

Now, we are getting somewhere.  Marketing creates awareness for who you are and what you offer. This is a good first step and where your job begins. When someone becomes aware of you, he wants to determine whether you are the real deal and if you are someone he wants to engage with in a relationship.

Being the real deal starts with having a strong foundation and this is what someone looks for first. So, how do you know if you have a strong foundation? There are four components to this “Law of Awareness” that I will go through briefly.

The first component is to know, “Who is my ideal client?”

Your ideal client is someone you have clearly identified that you do your best work with. In many instances, we call this our “ideal client.”  There are people whom we are meant to serve and others for whom we are not the best fit. Nothing wrong with them, they just will be better served by someone else. If you are not clear on that, you will not feel inspired by your clients and you will not do your best work and if you don’t do your best work, your clients will not LOVE you and they will not refer you to others.  (and really don’t you want to be the best you can be and give the best you can to your clients)?

Next you must clearly defining how you help them

Knowing who you help and what result you help them achieve is crucial for your foundation. It allows you to show up in the space that your ideal clients play in and allows you to demonstrate how you help them achieve their goals. That is what your potential clients are looking for, someone who understands what their problem is and someone who clearly specializes in working with people just like them. It is a win-win situation because these are the people you LOVE to work with and who inspire you to do your best work. You can speak in terms they understand And Marketing helps them become aware of who you are, what you offer and the BIG result you help them achieve.

However, you are not the only one in your industry so you need a Personal Brand

There are others who could help this person achieve that goal. So that leads to our third component of Marketing which is having a personal brand. Yes, just like the big guys, you need to establish a brand. For the sake of simplicity, I will put it like this. Brand is what you stand for, it is what makes you unique and helps you put a stake in the ground. It will help your potential clients decide that they want to talk to YOU.

Finally, You need to be able to talk about what you do without an elevator pitch

So, once your ideal decides that he wants to talk to you, you need to be able to talk about what you do in a clear manner. This is the fourth component of your foundation. And this is NOT an elevator pitch. You need to be able to engage in a simple conversation that allows you to talk with (not to) someone about what you do clearly, in an interesting manner which reflects who you uniquely are.

I have gone through these components rather quickly but you can read more about these and other myths as part of the Marketing Matters series and receive your copy of the Thriving Matters newsletter by visiting http://www.thrive4success.com.

As you can clearly see, marketing does not have to be hard and it also does not guarantee making the sale.  Marketing creates awareness, stirs up some interest and gives you the opportunity to connect with the people you are meant to serve.

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One thought on “Universal Marketing Law ( Myth#17): Marketing Gets You Clients

  1. Hi Martin-
    Thanks for connecting.

    Yes I agree that entrepreneurs and small business owners need to brand themselves within their business. Incorporating your personality and what makes you unique is crucial to connecting with the right clients/customers for you and your business.

    I hear from many business owners that they are afraid of marketing, don’t like marketing or think that marketing doesn’t work because they see it as the end all/be all. What I am actually saying is that Marketing does work as a way to connect people in conversation. I absolutely agree that you need a strong marketing system in place (I teach a marketing system to all my clients).

    Creating a relationship with the right people is the foundation for your success and the success of your business; which is what marketing is all about- plain and simple. Creating awareness and engaging in a dialogue will lead people to your sales cycle. Simple.

    And I absolutely agree that having multiple ways (streams) of offering your services and products is important.

    I invite others to describe what they think and have experienced in their marketing?

    Keep thriving!