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Sometimes being an entrepreneur or small business owner can be lonely; you alone wear the many hats of marketer, salesperson, accountant as well as service provider. It can feel at times like you are working in a vacuum with no one to connect with regarding the best, most effective (and easiest) ways to grow your business. This can lead to overwhelm. For almost a decade, I have been on a mission to change the way we think about business from a competitive, lack model to a one of support and collaboration. I am here to support entrepreneurs and small business owners to understand how to effectively grow their business through creating a Thriving Mindset™, implementing effective systems and understanding best business practices.
Concept of connectingI am all about growing a thriving business while also enjoying your life and creating the space so others can experience that as well. The Thriving Revolution Community Call is just that space because I know we can be much more together than if we go it alone. I invite you to join us every Tuesday at 1 PM EST from anywhere in the world. I want to share a new way of being with you and this community of like-minded entrepreneurs and small business owners. I want you to experience that place where you’ve hit your stride, you’re confident, and you know you’re headed in the right direction so you can create the lifestyle you want. Join us on the weekly THRIVING  REVOLUTION Community Call ~ an open forum where you can learn, share and just have fun playing with ideas to help you Grow, Flourish and Thrive. Join us every Tuesday at 1 PM EST via phone, computer or Skype. All calls are recorded and you will receive the replay link if you are registered. (You will also receive reminder emails so you won’t miss a call.)

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