Personal Thriving Sphere- Ready, Set Success Summit

Thanks for participating in the “Ready, Set, Success Summit”.  

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During the summit, I shared with you that your language and mindset are very important for your success.  Also important is being consciously aware of how you are spending your time and energy. I have created a tool to help you do that and would like to gift it to you so you can begin to create your own Thrivosphere™ (the life you want where you are thriving).

Personal Thriving sphere map


The Personal Thriving Sphere™ is a map (your personal GPS to help get you where you want to go).  This simple, yet powerful, tool to help guide your shift from scarcity thinking to a place of thriving thinking. This exercise is vital because it because it requires you to take an honest look at each area of your life, and how much of your time and energy is spent in each area.  By  using the PTS™ you will create clarity in your life and be able to move  forward with ease.

Really enjoyed doing the Personal Thriving Spheres exercise and the idea that I can do it on a daily basis for personal and business. So simple and so illuminating!
Elaine France, Creative Leadership Coach

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