Success Blueprint – 092113

It’s time for you to feel like you own a REAL business!

Starting your own business is a large investment of time and money, and unfortunately making back your investment is taking longer than you planned. Like many small business owners, you started your business because you have a deep desire to help others and make a difference in the world. You’ve read the books, taken the trainings, and everyone has told you that you can make a lot of money and that growing your business is as easy as following steps 1, 2 and 3. They’ve told you WHAT you need to do, but they’ve left out the HOW. And honestly, it’s not something you can do alone. What you don’t realize is, you may already have everything you need, it’s just a matter of assembling the pieces.

You need a mentor, someone to partner with who can take all of your knowledge and help you create a Success Blueprint so you can grow, flourish, thrive.

What does it feel like to Thrive?

  • It’s the place where you’ve hit your stride, you’re confident, and you know you’re headed in the right direction.
  • It’s the place where you absolutely know what you’re offering is valuable and it’s what your clients desperately want.
  • It’s the place where you’re charging what you’re worth and everything really does feel easy.

And it’s not that far away. The truth is, as I said before. You do have everything you need.

“Sue blows through your imagined obstacles and gets right at the heart of what’s holding you back. She’s your champion and your accountability partner. She walks you through creating an effective action plan so you accomplish more in less time to get you to your goals faster.  My business has grown significantly since working with Sue and you know what, I am having more fun with my business.”

                Jennifer Phillips April, Copywriter–Newsletters–Landing Pages–SEO Copy–Sales Emails,

It’s time to stop learning, and start doing (and getting paid).

You don’t need another program to tell you WHAT you should be doing to grow your business. You already know those things.  What you need is to start doing them.  So in this program we don’t overwhelm you with a boatload of content that takes you off track, instead we completely sidestep that detour and help you start maneuvering your business into a position of success.

“Sue taught me to think about my business differently, to understand the importance of effective marketing and how to take specific focused actions.  Because of our work together, I doubled my business income the first year and then I doubled it again.  I now have 3 people who work for me.    Sue can help you move forward no matter where you are in your business.”                                                                                                                                     Darla Pompillio, Professional Organizer