Stop Spinning Plates: 7 Tips to Being More Productive (Part 2)

balancing_many_things_800_11196The truly successful business owners get more done in less time by following some tried and true time management tactics to stay focused and make the most of every minute. Previously we discussed 3 top time-management tips of scheduling your work, chunking everything and using a timer.  Here are the last 4 of  the 7 top time-management tips which will help you get more done every day, leading you to the success you deserve.

Tip 4. Go With Your Rhythms

Most people have a specific time of day when they are most productive and focused. For example, mine is early morning so I get up everyday at 4 AM, go to my hot tub and then begin working while the house is still quiet.  It is very easy for me to wake up and be fully functional that early in the morning.  Take advantage of your best time of day and schedule the work that requires your highest concentration for then.

Tip 5. Make a List

Creating a list of tasks is akin to developing an action plan. At the beginning of the week, preferably Sunday night, make a list of priority tasks that you need to complete by the end of the week. Put them in a logical order based on how big a difference they will make to help the growth of your business. Also consider whether there are other people or tasks that depend on when you get your part done.

Tip 6. Keep Your Momentum

Some people find it most effective to set aside specific types of tasks for different days of the week to take advantage of the momentum they gain focusing on one item. For example, do your keyword research on Mondays, email list building on Tuesdays, product development on Wednesdays, etc.  Getting into the structure and habit of doing certain tasks at certain times will help to propel you forward.

Tip 7. Put on Blinders

Block out everything except the task you need to get done. Shut down or close any other windows or applications except the one you’re working on. The elimination of distractions alone will help you get more done in a short space of time.

While not every one of these tactics will work for everyone, they are the top proven ones used by successful marketers. You’ll hear them being recommended over and over again. That’s because they work.  Try to incorporate one tip this week and you will be to excited about all your extra time you can spend on You.

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One thought on “Stop Spinning Plates: 7 Tips to Being More Productive (Part 2)

  1. Great list of tips, Sue! Since moving a few months ago, I’m creating all new routines and rhythms in every aspect of my life. These tips give me a framework to help move the process along.