Step Into Your Greatness

“Greatness may take the form of a great endeavor, or it may manifest as a fullness of life-a living out of one’s Essence self. Absolutely everyone has the capacity to be great, but few notice or even own it.”  Jean Houston

This quote by Jean Houston forever changed my way of being and has helped shape my mission to support others in recognizing and then using their greatness to literally change the world.

How to Tap into Your Unique Greatness:Moving Forward

In order to use your greatness, you need to recognize and own it. Here are three steps to make that possible:

1) Ask others
2) Listen
3) Put it into action

 Not sure what makes you great?

1) Ask Others:

Often we are not sure of our strengths and thus we don’t know what our unique greatness is. I can assure you that you have greatness and strengths that are yours alone. It may be the way that you can listen to your friends for hours at a time, without judgment or looking bored. Or perhaps you know how to brew the perfect cup of coffee and others always feel welcome in your home.

The only way you will truly know is to ask. Now this may feel a bit uncomfortable at first because you may be afraid it will sound like bragging or that you are “looking for praise.” However, going outside your comfort zone will be worth it for the insight you will gain.  You can being by choosing 5 friends, family or colleagues and ask them what they see as your strengths. For a complete picture, ask people from different areas of your life and with whom you have different roles. For a more comprehensive view, ask them each for at least 3-5 ways that you demonstrate your strengths or greatness.

Be humble and let it in

2) Listen

Yes, I am telling you to step into your greatness by being humble. The second step in owning your greatness is to listen and breathe in what your friends, family and colleagues are telling you. Notice in what areas the same strengths are showing up and how you demonstrate a particular attribute or skill in different roles. Say thank you and be grateful for the insights they are sharing with you.

At first it might feel a bit overwhelming to  hear all the ways that you are great. However, you are already demonstrating your strengths in your life with these people who have shared with you so let what they say truly sink in.  Be grateful for what they are sharing with you.   It is often in this moment that you may have the tendency to minimize or “excuse” away your greatness. Don’t do that.   When someone shares with you what they see as your greatness, take it all in and decide how you are going to fully express it in your life.

Once you own it, you need to use it

3) Put it into Action

You, obviously, are already using some of your strengths with those around you. However, my guess is that you aren’t fully expressing your greatness in all areas. Most people aren’t. The world needs you to BE your greatness. When you express your talents to the fullest, your work improves, your relationships improve and this has a rippling effect way beyond those whom you directly interact with.

An easy way to own your greatness is to choose one strength and one area in your life that you can impact most if you stepped into your greatness and really lived in that space. What would happen to that area of your work or your relationship if you acted from your position of greatness all the time? Now, what would happen if you supported others to live from their greatness? Each person operating from their greatness is how the world is changed, one person at a time.

There is a revolution occurring. It is called the Thriving Revolution and I invite you to join in. It is a community for people who are dedicated to operating from their greatness and committed to creating thriving businesses and to living thriving lives. You can learn more at

The capacity in all of us has barely been tapped. There is no one else with your exact skills and talents. Your unique greatness is needed in this world, and by fully stepping into your greatness and owning it, the impact you have now and in the future is beyond what you can imagine and yet, is completely possible.



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3 thoughts on “Step Into Your Greatness

  1. Thank you Sue for opening my eyes and helping me confirm what I do for my clients. I may not do the same steps you have here, but I try to make them see their own greatness every time we meet.