Welcome to the Personal Thriving Sphere

Your First Step to Creating Your Thrivosphere



 The Personal Thriving Sphere is a compass (your personal GPS to  help get you were you want to go).  You will use this tool to help guide  your shift from scarcity thinking to a place of thriving thinking.  This exercise is vital because it because it requires you to take an  honest look  at each area of your life, and how much of your time and  energy is being spent in each area.  By using the PTS you will have a  better grasp on what you areas you may need to make some changes  so you are most effectively spending your time and energy.

There are 2 worksheets that you can download and print to use with the audio.  The first is your top 6-8 main areas of your life where you spend most of your time and energy Click Here to download Top Areas worksheet.

The second is your Personal Thriving Sphere worksheet Click here to download PTS worksheet.

Once you have downloaded the worksheets you are ready to begin.
Enjoy and Keep Thriving~

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