Partners Program

Thank you for your interest in becoming a partner for the Core Essences Coaching ProgramTM; Connecting Your Vision to Your Values.
On a daily basis, you and your clients have to make decisions in your business; what content to create, who your target audience is, and who you want to be as a business owner.  Because your business is really all about you.
The Core Essences Exercise begins with this audio which taps into Core Values.  This is an introduction to the Core Essence Coaching ProgramTM and is a tool, perhaps “a tuning fork” to reconnect with self ; helping you to measure all of your decisions.

Lisa B“Before doing the Core Essence Exercise I was scattered all over the place with how I showed up in my personal life, how I ran my business, and what really mattered to me.  I knew what I ‘wasn’t’.  That part was sort of simple. It was finding out the essentials of what I was, what was at the deepest root of me that mattered.  Working with Sue completely tuned me into those valuable sirens in my life.  And now that we’ve explored them together I filter everything that is a meaningful creation through the filters of my personal Core Essences. When I use these, it removes doubt and replaces it with a solid structure from which I engage with everything” Lisa Byrne, Exercise Physiologist | Certified Pilates Instructor | Movement Coach

During this 30 minute audio, you will be guided to discover your key values.  This begins the process to understand who you truly are and how you need to show up in the world in order to be successful and thrive.  You may be thinking this is just like any other values exercise; but trust me, it’s not. When paired with the second step which is the Core Essences Exploratory SessionTM, you connect with the essence of who you are at the Core which is two levels deeper than where traditional values exercises take you.

Janine“I met with Sue while taking a branding course and her core essence process was part of the training. When I initially planned for my individual session with Sue, I had thought I was already clear and on purpose as to what my core essences were. Boy, was I mistaken! I was astonished at what Sue was able to uncover and how easily she did it! This woman is AMAZING! She took me on a journey of self-discovery that went deep and with laser precision. Sue helped me tease though an area I had been struggling with for years in a matter of minutes! I was even able to identify key components for my marketing (including the cover of my book). If you ever have a chance to do a core essence session with Sue, you would be crazy not to jump at the opportunity!”    Janine Elias, Founder of “Business is Personal Telesummit” and Author of Kill Robin Hood

I would like you to experience what your clients would experience and completing this exercise is the first step.  Complete the form below to access the Core Values Exercise.  Once complete, let me know at and we will schedule your Core Essence Exploratory SessionTM.