May Day Giveaway

Discover the secret to becoming a Thriving Entrepreneur~ move forward Faster with Greater Clarity and Ease

Thank you for participating in Kerry’s May Day Giveaway 2013.

Perhaps as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have had times when you have felt a bit overwhelmed by your business.  Perhaps you have had to make a decision and felt unsure of whether you were making the right one.  What if you had a tool, perhaps “a tuning fork” to measure all of your decisions?  This tool would allow you to make decisions with greater clarity and confidence. The Core Essences Exercise is that tool.  During this 20 minute audio, you will be guided to discover your values or essences of who you truly are and how you need to show up in the world in order to be truly successful and thrive.  This will also allow you to transform your business faster than you thought possible!

“Knowing on a conscious level my core essences has allowed me to see when I’m out of integrity with myself and to realign a lot faster.  Starting each day stating my values allows me to be more fully self expressed – a huge piece of being successful!” Joni Z.

I invite you to download The Core Essences Exercise where you will create your Thriving Core Essence Profile as my gift to you for taking part in this event.


Keep Thriving-

Sue Guiher

Thrive for Success Coaching and Consulting