It’s Time to Re-connect with your business

Concept of connectingRecently I did a Dubsmash video about how business owners sometimes feel about their business.   It goes like this:

“First You’re Hot, then You’re Cold”

“You’re Yes, then You’re No”

“You’re In, then You’re Out”

“You’re Up. then You’re Down”


(see below for 6 sec video)


Ever Feel Disconnected?

Feeling disconnected from your business is one of the most natural obstacles an entrepreneur can face. Passion and purpose is what drives you to show up everyday in your business to do the work that is needed to create a fantastic living while making an impact and some days you just can’t seem to find either. And that is when you feel overwhelmed, confused and generally frustrated with your business.

There are three things that successful business owners do to get themselves out of overwhelm so you can get back to feeling that loving feeling towards your business:

      • Connect to your purpose
      • Stop Making Business so Hard
      • Share with Others

Connect to Your Purpose…

This starts with getting back to basics and asking yourself, “Why am I doing the work that I am doing?” and “What do I stand for?” When you are deeply connected to the reason behind your work, you can see the reason to get up in the morning. You do the work to make your purpose a reality because you KNOW in your heart of hearts that you are making a difference with the people you want to serve. You know that what you do matters.

For me, the reason I passionately want to help business owners become confident and successful is that I am frustrated with the number of small business owners who make business way too hard, are not making the money they want (so they can provide for their families) and whose businesses fail resulting in them needing to return to work that is neither fulfilling nor allowing them to fulfill their purpose.

My purpose is to create 1 million business owners by 2025 who are massively successful and become champions for, not only their own businesses, but for other business owners as well. So, what’s your purpose and how are you fulfilling it?

Stop making business so hard…

 It is not true that the harder and more complicated you make your work, the more successful you will become. In fact, most of the time it is the direct opposite and all you will feel is stuck and frustrated. You remember the KISS principle? Well one of my clients changed this to mean Keep It Super Simple and this is my philosophy as well. If you want to achieve a goal, ask yourself, “What is the simplest way to make this happen?”

Usually you will see what the next step is and that is often all you need to get moving in the right direction. Then you can do that again and again and before you know it, you are moving at full speed ahead.

Share with Others…

Earlier I mentioned the desire to create 1 million business owners who will champion not only for their own businesses but for others as well. Creating a network of support is critical to creating more business success stories. When you have a group of people who are committed to succeeding and to helping others succeed, the energy that is created is amazing. When you surround yourself with colleagues and mentors who are successful, you can reach out when you are feeling disconnected and wanting to give up on your business. Your group will remind you of your stand, will help you gain clarity and will support you so you move forward. One such group meets weekly and shares tips and resources on the Thriving Revolution Community Call (it’s free and you can sign up here.)

So everyone feels disconnected at times but if you implement these ideas of connecting, simplifying and sharing, you, too, will become a successful business champion. The world certainly needs more and I look forward to hearing how you champion for yourself and others.

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