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Recently, when I polled my audience about what they procrastinated most about in their business, 40% reported that it was making sales calls. Now, I believe I have a good idea why this occurs and it begins with the lack of a strong foundation.

You see, when someone begins a business, it often is because they had a strong passion about something; whether it is baking, or physical training or any one of the many other small business ideas out there. And in the beginning, there is a passion and excitement that is very effective at getting some customers. The business owner thinks “I am on my way because see how easy it was to get customers.”

But passion about your service or product just gets you so far. Once the business is becoming more established, customers begin to look at you a bit more closely. They want to know that you “get them and their needs” and this is where the foundation needs to be solid or your customer’s will lose confidence in you. This is where the fear of sales calls begins to take hold.

Here are 3 areas that you must consider when building your foundation:

  • Who is your target (ideal) audience (and everybody is not an acceptable answer?
  • What is the problem you solve for them (consider what they need and desire)?
  • What is the result you provide?

Answering these questions gives you clarity regarding whom you do your best work with and what you do for them. Knowing this also gives you confidence and language with which to start a conversation with your ideal clients.

And the best sales calls are those that sound like a conversation. And suddenly the phone won’t seem so intimidating.

So go out and engage your ideal clients in sales conversations; after all no business can grow without selling something.

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