How often should I blog?

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It has been exciting putting together the Blog-A-Day Challenge 2016 because not only does it create a community of people who connect and support one another; it helps people move beyond their comfort zone. Interestingly, one question I am asked quite a bit is, “What will people think if I am blogging daily?” or “What will it look like if I go to a daily blog.” Both of these speaks to the question, “How often do I need to blog?” In order to answer that, we need to take a look at why you blog in the first place- ENGAGEMENT.


Engagement begins with relevant content

The goal of a blog is to create engagement with your audience and that comes from providing content that is relevant and useful for them. If you can provide information that your audience finds interesting, they will come back and read what you have to say. So consider what is helpful for your audience and provide that to them. This can be in the form of blog articles, videos, inspirational quotes, sharing other’s content.

Keep them Engaged by being consistent

Once you know what your audience wants and you are providing good content on your blog, you need to determine the frequency and be consistent. Many experts recommend posting the same time and day so your readers know when to expect your posts. If you are randomly posting, it is much harder to attract a following.

How often you engage depends on you (and your audience) 

Taking the Blog-A-Day Challenge out of the equation for the moment, the frequency of your posts depends upon how often you want to engage with your audience and how often you can create relevant content. An easy and useful approach that many people take is to create a “stash” of blog posts that they can add to their blog whenever they are feeling pressured by what to write. So, this may mean that you blog daily, several times a week or even once a week. The more you blog, the easier it is because you find your voice and you create a relationship and a rhythm with your audience. This is harder to do when you are blogging less than weekly.

But isn’t daily too much?

Again this depends upon you. It is not too much for an audience if you are providing interesting content that enriches their lives. Consider one of the most influential people today, Seth Godin. Seth was able to engage millions using his blog as a primary vehicle, often posting several times a day. He has consistently blogged on a daily basis for years and the length of his posts vary depending upon what he has to say. Yes, he has also published many books but it is his blog that is a vehicle for what goes on in his mind and ultimately what he shares with his audience.

Back to the Blog-A-Day Challenge 2016

So, for those participating in the challenge, by the end you may understand yourself better and create a schedule that works for you which may be less than daily. If you are dramatically increasing your frequency or are a blogger for the first time, I would write to you audience and share that you are part of this challenge and why. Share your reasons for jumping in and inviting them to try something that expands their comfort zone or reach or community (whatever your reason). Hey, that sounds like it could be it’s own post.

For those not in the challenge (and you can still jump in), DO something this Spring to step outside your comfort zone and share it with your audience.

For me, I am blogging daily and also hosting my own event in March. A full day helping business owners go outside their comfort zones in a way that supports confidence, clarity, connection and commitment. You are invited too –

Look forward to connecting with you tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “How often should I blog?

  1. I’ve been posting twice daily for quite some now, primarly on social media, but it also gets posted on my blog. I do this via the jet pack plug in on my website. So everyday I post a quote in the morning and then at 6pm I say something about the quote and I try to tie it into disability since that is my target group. So my question is should I be writing a longer blog as well say weekly or so? I have been writing posts for this challenge in addition to my regular weekly posts. Next week I will try harder to tie them into my theme for the week, that I generally have. Sorry this got so long, but you brough up some good points.

    • Yvonne- What is the engagement with your audience? Are you also posting on social media? Writing a longer post on a weekly basis may give you greater voice and the expanded ability to be seen as a thought leader for your audience. I look forward to reading more of your posts.