Day 5: 11 Days Countdown to 2018 Giveaway Extravaganza

We are Counting Down to 2018 and I have 11 Gifts for YOU!

Here is Day 5:

For years, I have set my intentions every morning.  These are a bit different than affirmations because I look at my day and CHOOSE how I want to experience it.  Then throughout the day, I notice if I am living into my intentions.  If I am, I just reinforce them.  If not, I am able to make small changes in the moment.  Here is a set of 5 intent graphics that you can use to get you started. 

This will be part of the Daily Thriving Practice  launching soon.  This free community will launch Jan 2018 and will support entrepreneurs to create thriving businesses and lives. 

Today’s gift is  a set of 5 Daily intentions

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Stay tuned for your invitation to be part of the Daily Thriving Practice community.