7 Quick Tips to Concentrate Better and Get More Done in Less Time

6-save-timeWith so much going on in our lives, the ability to get more done easier and in less time is priceless.  Here are 7 quick tips to how to concentrate with greater ease.


Hobbyists know the pleasures of intense focus. The hours go by like minutes. Some call this flow and starts with desire. For each task, find something you really like about it and focus on that component. This will allow you to complete the task quicker and with more joy. Practice will make allow you to get to a state of intense focus easier.

Eat nutritious meals:

If you’re hungry, have a healthy snack before beginning the task.

Drink water:

By the time you notice you are thirsty, your brain is already dehydrated. Keep water handy and drink it throughout the day.

 Adjust the noise:

Some people need quiet to focus. Others need background hum. Experiment to discover your best setting, soft music or rock or white noise. Use this to help you concentrate on the task at hand. Remember that music can give you energy so if you are finding yourself needing a boost, play some music. Emotion is Energy in Motion so you can adjust yours.

 Don’t let worry distract you:

These minor, distracting thoughts are called “niggles” and are the thoughts that hang out at the back of your mind. Jot down distressing thoughts that cross your mind so that you can worry about them later, if you must. Getting them out of your mind will lessen the effect they have on your ability to get things done.


The ability to concentrate is not dependent on IQ or natural aptitude. It’s a muscle strengthened by practice. Track the length of time that you can pay attention, and extend it a little bit each day.


Spotters in search planes are switched frequently. After a while, it’s impossible to keep the mind and eyes sufficiently focused. Give yourself breaks. Stand up and stretch, do a different activity, or go and play as a well-earned reward.

And when you are done with your task, celebrate!  Success breeds more success so create mini-wins and you will be getting more things off your plate in no time flat.

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