Client emails- Follow-up

#1 Key to Success is Follow-up

We all know we should do it but often it is something that goes by the wayside.  I am talking about follow-up.  Studies have consistently shown that the difference between people who are achieving great success and those who are still struggling is the FOLLOW-UP.

See if this is familiar to you.  You have a great conversation with someone either on the phone or you meet them at an event.  Perhaps it is a sales conversation and the person is just not ready yet to work with you.  Or you meet someone at an event and you want to stay connected.

And then a week goes by, then a month and by then it feels hard to reach out.  What if they don’t remember me or if they have hired someone else?  What do I say to even reconnect with them?  I know I have been guilty of this and it does not feel good.

You are missing some great opportunities and potential clients/partners are missing the opportunity to work with you.  Definitely not a good situation for anyone.  You need a simple way to schedule your follow-up so this does not happen to you.

Well, these two templates will help you to create a system for your follow-up.  The first is an email you can send (again change it up to be in your voice) after you have had a phone consultation.

TFS Post Consultation Call Follow-up Letter

The second one is an email you can send after you meet someone at an event or conference.

TFS Post Event Follow-up Letter


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