It is Day 11 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge Feb 11, 2016

Gear system


You are moving along like a well-designed machine and it is getting noticed.

Please continue to share your wisdom and support with each other.

I am traveling back home today and will announce the winners for week 1 tomorrow.  Thanks for your patience as I sort through all the blog comments!!

Have a great day!

Day 10 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: Happy Hump Day

camelHappy Hump Day!!

We are at Day 10 and I just want to say “You Got THIS!!”

Your posts have been interesting, engaging and informative which is just what will help your audience.

With that, here is DAY 10!

Keep Thriving!





It’s Day 9 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge- Feb 9, 2016

Thank you in different languages


Thank you to those who completed the survey; appreciate the feedback.  Also LOVE how you are getting into a groove.

Many of you commented about getting new ideas about how to blog and what to blog about and about the support of the community.

You all ROCK!!!   Keep going!!! 


Wahoo- It is Day 6 of the B-A-D Challenge (2/6/16)

Welcome to the Weekend! 

I know for some of you this is catch up time.  For others, this might be the time to try something new- a quote, an infographic, or perhaps even a video.  Great job Janet Vasil on all your video blogs (vlogs).  love the weekend

So keep posting, keep commenting and PLEASE Keep Sharing on Social Media.  You can go to and share these posts (this increases the visibility of the challenge and also each of your posts) and also share each other’s posts.

Look for a poll tomorrow about our first week of posts.


Day 5 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge: Feb 5, 2016

Happy Friday to you all!  And a Big Welcome to a few new people who have jumped in over the past 2 days.


So I have been asked if we are blogging over the weekend and the answer is YES!!  It is important to keep the momentum going and I find that it is easier to do that if you continue through the weekends.  It is also a time that I know several of you have told me that you are going to catch up with reading posts.  It can also be a time to stack your writing so you have some blog posts  ready for the weekend.

Keep up the amazing posts and comments.  LOVE it all!!

Welcome to Day 4 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge (Feb 4, 2016)

Collection of colorful speech bubbles and dialog balloons

Hey B-A-D Bloggers!! You all rock!  I love the way you are engaging in conversation and also supporting one another.  Remember to also share via social media.  The increased visibility is happening.  Kristin Smedley has had over 800+ views on her blog in just the past 2 days.  Check it out if you have not already.  I realized you might not have been seeing my posts because they are on my blog but not in the comments so I will be posting them here as well as on my site.

Thanks again for being so awesome!!

Keep thriving~ sue


Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 2

GroundhogWelcome to Day 2 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge:

Congrats on all the great posts yesterday!  Here are a few things I want to clarify so please read carefully:

  1. Post your blog post first on your own pages (blog or Facebook)
  2. Post the link to that post in the comments on the day of the challenge (for today, post your link in this comment section)
  3. THEN go and read your fellow participants blogs (do as many as you have time for)
  4. Comment on THEIR blog comment section (each of you need to allow comments on your blog)- Doing this will increase  visibility for all.

I love the comments and connections that are already happening.  I have heard from several of you that you are having fun, are stepping outside of your comfort zone or just plain GLAD that you are participating.   “WAHOOO” is all I can say!

Look forward to seeing your posts for today….  And yes, if you didn’t post yesterday, feel free to jump in today.


All Businesses need Systems to Succeed, even Yours!

Solopreneurs, start-ups and even small enterprises sometimes take pride in flying by the seat of their pants. They believe that eschewing structured systems, policies, procedures and processes enables them to stay agile, flexible and opportunistic.

They couldn’t be more wrong. Systems are vital for all businesses – large and small.

Integrated systems ensure that all functions of your business including sales, customer service, follow-up, service delivery, accounts payable and direct outreach are all aligned.

With integrated, interconnected systems, tasks merge in a logical way and activities come together toward a common goal.

Systems allow people to be aligned around a single purpose instead of focusing on individual tasks in isolation. This helps ensure that the entire organization is in sync, delivering a consistent message, brand and experience to customers.

What’s more, well-defined processes are key to doing things better, faster, more consistently and more efficiently, as well as to pinpoint when and where things may go wrong.

Systems can prevent you from over-promising or underestimating and they can help keep you focused on your top customers and most lucrative business.

Organizational systems, policies and processes should be:

  • Aligned to your goals and strategies
  • Responsive to changing conditions
  • Documented and communicated to your customers
  • Open to scrutiny and modification

Keep in mind that systems are not goals but only ways to achieve goals, so they may need to bend and flex as circumstances change or new opportunities arise. Moreover, you always need to be on the lookout for ways to streamline, strengthen, simplify or automate your processes.



Want to get more done in your Business? Get rid of Your Tolerations…

messy officeWhat do  desktop clutter, wrinkled clothes, overflowing email boxes and troublesome relationships with friends and family have in common?

They’re all tolerations, the little and big things we put up with– often without realizing it– that sap our energy and drain our spirit. Every time we tolerate something, we deplete the energy we could be using to grow our business or make desired changes or to simply experience happiness.

It’s like living with a low-grade fever or pain that somehow dulls our experience for life.

When am I going to get to all that paperwork? Zap!

Ughhh. I wish I could get through all my mail. Zap!

My computer just froze again– the third time today. Zap!

Limiting Beliefs

At the root of our tolerations are a variety of limiting beliefs that immobilize us. For example: “I can’t take the time.” “That’s just the way it is.” “Don’t rock the boat– play it safe.” “Don’t complain or be too demanding.” “It’s not that important.” “I have no control.”.

There are countless different limiting beliefs, yet they all serve to dampen our life force and keep us playing small. And, boy, are they exhausting!

If we are committed to creating work and personal life that is balanced and fulfilling, if we intend to fully express our unique gifts and be of service, it is necessary to consciously evaluate and eliminate the tolerations standing in our way.

Here are some ideas on effectively doing that:


Make an honest appraisal of what you are tolerating in each of the areas of your life: environment, health, work, money, relationship and so on. Write down everything that annoys you or that you feel you are putting up with. You will likely come up with at least 100 of these tolerations!


Based on your values and goals, you get to choose. What will you say “no” to? “Yes?” Make certain the “yeses” really excite you. Commit to making them real!


With the support of your coach, friends or family, develop a strategy for eliminating these tolerations. You don’t have to do this alone– in fact, it’s more fun to collaborate or create a support team.


Create accountability around your goals, with specific deadlines for eliminating tolerations. How many and which ones will you eliminate each day?


Examine each underlying limited belief that has kept you enduring these things. Again, get support to help you break through them. You may be so close to some of these beliefs that you can’t fully recognize them for what they are.


Take an honest look at what you are getting out of keeping things as they are. There is always some kind of payoff for whatever is happening in your life. Who in your life– or what part of you– does not want things to change? Appreciate that person or part, and try to find ways for it to be win-win for all concerned.


Remember that complaints are usually unspoken requests. What requests do you need to make?

As you eliminate tolerations, you will feel the joy of being at choice, an increase in your vitality and a sense of empowerment. Then YOU will find yourself in the driver’s seat … and won’t that be a beautiful and worthwhile ride!