Branding Game – Core Essences Program

Perhaps as an entrepreneur or small business owner, you have had times when you have felt a bit overwhelmed by your business. Perhaps you have had to make a decision and felt unsure of whether you were making the right one. What if you had a tool, perhaps “a tuning fork” to measure all of your decisions? This tool would allow you to make decisions with greater clarity and confidence.

It all begins with The Core Essences SystemTM – Your Values GPS tool to gaining Clarity to make decisions faster, easier and with more confidence

“I metJanine with Sue while taking a branding course and her core essence process was part of the training. When I initially planned for my individual session with Sue, I had thought I was already clear and on purpose as to what my core essences were. Boy, was I mistaken! I was astonished at what Sue was able to uncover and how easily she did it! This woman is AMAZING! She took me on a journey of self-discovery that went deep and with laser precision. Sue helped me tease though an area I had been struggling with for years in a matter of minutes! I was even able to identify key components for my marketing (including the cover of my book). If you ever have a chance to do a core essence session with Sue, you would be crazy not to jump at the opportunity!”    Janine Elias, Founder of “Business is Personal Telesummit” and Author of Kill Robin Hood

Create Your Success Blueprint and learn how to Grow Your Business From the Inside Out:

  • Why Work Life Balance is a myth and what you want instead

  • How to clarify what you really want for your business

  • The value of connecting with your Core when creating(and growing) your business

  • A step-by-step system to identify what is important to focus on (and what to let go of)

  • Ways to transition through change with ease

  • The importance of Moving Forward One Step Every DayTM

Lisa B“Before doing the Core Essence Exercise I was scattered all over the place with how I showed up in my personal life, how I ran my business, and what really mattered to me.  I knew what I ‘wasn’t’.  That part was sort of simple. It was finding out the essentials of what I was, what was at the deepest root of me that mattered.  Working with Sue completely tuned me into those valuable sirens in my life.  And now that we’ve explored them together I filter everything that is a meaningful creation through the filters of my personal Core Essences. When I use these, it removes doubt and replaces it with a solid structure from which I engage with everything” Lisa Byrne, Exercise Physiologist | Certified Pilates Instructor | Movement Coach

You have everything you need; you just need a Partner on your journey. Sue is that Partner who will help keep you Moving Forward One Step Every DayTM toward your Goals, Guaranteed!

Darla Headshot - Lg Websize “Sue taught me to think about my business differently, to understand the importance of effective marketing and how to take specific daily focused      actions.  Because of our work together, I doubled my business income the first year and then I doubled it again.  I now have 3 people who work for me. Sue can help you move forward no matter where you are in your business.”    Darla Pompilio, Professional Organizer

In Depth Core Essences Program – Your Values GPS: Identify your core essences and learn how to leverage them to grow a thriving business

  • Proprietary worksheet and 20 minute audio Core Essence Exercise Program
  • One on One phone session to review your core essence’s and learn how to utilize in business and personal life
  • Discover your Core Essences and Create your Thriving Core Essence Profile
  • Learn how to utilize your Core Essences personally and professionally for increased Purpose, Position and Productivity

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