Blog a Day Challenge 2016

Welcome to The Blog- A -Day (BAD) Challenge 2016

I blog therefore

I am so excited to join you on this journey.  Congrats on committing to getting YOUR message out to the world in a BIGGER way.



Please sign up below so you can be part of the challenge.  This will be used only for the challenge and will allow me to send you updates, inspiration and tips to help you stay informed and connected throughout the challenge.  You can also sign up and be a commenter (this will help your visibility as well) and write your posts when you are ready.

So, what’s the Challenge?

Every day  write a blog post, post it to your blog and then post a link to it on my blog page (you will get a link to this page). This will allow each of us to support one another through the challenge.  Please also commit to commenting on 5 other people’s blogs per week (more is even better, of course!)


Yep, I decided to make this even more fun.  Every Sunday, there will be rewards (which you will get to vote on) for:

  •  Funniest Post
  •  Shortest Post
  • Post with the Most Comments
  • VIP Commenter (person who has commented on the most blogs)
  • Power Blogger (for those who have posted every day)

These will be given out (with a badge of honor) every week and then the tally resets every Monday.  The rewards are for week to week so if you missed a day this week; get right back on track.  Of course, commitment and consistency always pays greater rewards. Every participant will also receive a badge.  More to come on this…


I have a SURPRISE for every blogger who completes the 29 days of Posts and for any commenter who makes a comment every day.  So either way, you WIN. Really, rewards aside, you will all be a winner because you will have established a new habit of writing every day, you will have connected with more members of this community (and beyond) and you will have created greater relationships with the audience you want to serve.  That sounds pretty great to me, how about YOU?

Let’s Get Started!

Ready to get started?  Join us by signing up below: