Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 1 (Feb 1, 2016)

Welcome to Day 1 of the Blog-A-Day Challenge:

So excited to connect with you all.  Post your links and then please comment on each other’s blogs.  Come back here and engage in the conversation as well.

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!

A man is about to start a race against a clock showing the words On Your Mark, Get Set and the person is ready to go to start the competition

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67 thoughts on “Blog-A-Day Challenge Day 1 (Feb 1, 2016)

  1. Don’t seem to be connecting through the — Please go here today and submit a commit on the welcome letter so I can approve you as a commenter — click-through, so hope this works. Please let me know. Thanks!

  2. Morning fellow bloggers!
    Well, I’m just gonna put it out there – God help me – a Periscope video I did awhile back with @jamiebroderick explaining the power of using DISC profiles to help maximize team communication, productivity and relationships.

      • Oh Bob – I’d be a very rich woman if I had a dollar for every time I asked that question! Seriously, it’s a great reason for learning more about DISC to better understand why. What’s the definition of insanity right?? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

      • Thank Juan,

        DISC is the language of human behavior and how we act. The history dates back to Carl Jung, and William Marston(a phychologist). Their research showed that behavior traits or characteristics can be grouped into 4 quadrants or types.(D-Dominant, I -Inspiring, S-Supportive, C – Cautious). Each individual is a blend of all 4 types, which makes up his/her personality style. We all exhibit all 4 behaviors, and people with similar personality styles will exhibit similar behavior under similar circumstances. Psychology is the study of human behavior. It includes evaluating the behaviors and focuses more on disorders and/or abnormalities. DISC is a non-judgemental tool that does not measure intelligence or capabilities.
        Sorry for the long answer…..hope this makes sense!

    • Thank you Cliff. It’s all about understanding your own and your colleagues motivators and behavioral patterns. Once you have that awareness you respond in a more productive way. We are all a blend of 4 personality types(D – Dominant, I-Inspiring, S-Supportive, C – Cautious). We’re all hardwired with a given style, where we feel the most comfortable at rest(nature), but there’s the environment that affects each of us as well(nurture). Everyone brings something to the party when they’re part of a team. Dominant styles will go after that challenge – NOW!, The Inspiring styles will want to know who’s working on the project with them. The Supportive style, they will want assurances that this project won’t change the status quo too much, and lastly, the Cautious types are going to work on this project quietly and logically, providing the best qualtity. It’s great when hiring candidates to know these motivators, or when assembling a project team. The right person needs to be in the right role for success.

    • Great idea Terry!

      Sometimes we just think(hope) they want what we think they do. What is your typical response rate for something like this? are they willing to take the time and answer?

      • Hi Kathy … sometimes yes and sometimes no. I’m learning it’s all a matter of finding the right places to ask the questions. As I’ve learned this past month, it’s all about trying things out and seeing what works.

    • Terry,
      I ask often but worry that my raging confirmation bias is so strong that I only hear what I already believe they want. I am in a new startup, completely unrelated to blog, and need to understand and remember this lesson. I will try to get back to your blog when I feel like I have received a response.

      • Great Bob! I look forward to seeing what you come up with and if you get your answers. Since you are a new startup, NOW is the time to ask those questions. Consider yourself ahead of the game!

      • Kristin… you can poll your audience a variety of ways. One way is to use the Twitter poll and then embed the poll in a blog post. Once you’ve done that, you can promote that post across your other social media platforms to expand your reach not only for the poll, but to drive people back to your website. The embedded Twitter poll will update in your post. On Facebook I just ask a question. Sometimes just text, other times with a text graphic. It would be the same on LinkedIn.If I were sending a survey out to my list, I typically use Survey Monkey. As you can tell, there are lots of ways you can accomplish this. It all depends on where your target market hangs out.

    • Tandy, that is so very true. As a society we have move from a community, “village” to a one man/woman island.
      This way of living was never intended for humankind. we are hardwired to be social. No wonder we have so much madness in our life.
      Great post.

    • Hi Jennifer

      I’m all about helping everyone reach their potential! I noticed you use DISC Profiles. I am so passionate about this tool. Perhaps we can collaborate together.
      Great coaching guide!