Blog-A-Day Challenge Bloggers- What are your thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Blog-A-Day Challenge Bloggers- What are your thoughts?

  1. i am wondering if my peeps really want to hear from me every day…. It seems like we get so much information shoved at us from all areas… ( BTW – i think only the peeps on the challenge are seeing my posts, because I didn’t really post from my business page – too much commitment! So, I am finding it a challenge to be consistent!! But, I’m doing it, and it is a great opportunity for me to be out of my my comfort zone and try new things, at least for a month or more…we’ll see! thanks

    • Rebecca- Your peeps are probably not seeing you everyday but will connect with you when they can and if you are consistent in the times that you post then your audience will grow. Also if you are using Twitter to announce your posts, you will get a greater following as well. Did you see my post -can you blog too much? which I posted earlier this week. The MOST read blog in the world is Seth Godin’s and he posts everyday (he used to and sometimes still does post several times per day). He is also seen as one of the most influential people in the world and is often asked for his insights by the media. What does he do on his blog- shares his thoughts. Now, that being said, it does take a great deal of commitment to blog everyday. Are you tracking your results? (increased likes, increased engagement of you FB page?) This is a great opportunity to reach more people.

  2. Rebecca, keep going…. Your peeps will never get sick of your posts and if they do that is OK because they are not your target market…. Those who need your posts will see them..always keep going girl!!!!!