Welcome to the October Blog A Day Challenge

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Hey B-A-D Bloggers-

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Welcome to the Blog-Day-Challenge October 2016  

This is going to be a great month and this challenge is a little different than the challenges in the past.  First, you don’t even need a blog- you can post on LinkedIN, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Youtube- whatever channel you use to get your message out there.  Frankly all I want is to have more eyes on you.

Each of you are also supporting a great cause, Curing Retinal Blindness (www.crb1.org) at the same time.  How cool is that!!!

The theme this month is MOVING FORWARD because thriving is all about taking one step forward at a time, consistent small actions lead to SUCCESS.

For this weekend (October 1st and 2nd), please introduce yourself in the comments section (this will allow me to approve you as a commenter).  Tell us a little bit about your blog and what you are passionate about.  Post a link here back to your blog so we can all get to know each other better.

Please also throughout the month, go and comment on each other’s blog posts and SHARE them

If everyone comments and shares on social media, everyone will have greater visibility. You can still invite your friends at  blogadaychallenge 

IMPORTANT:   Post a comment now to this post so that I can approve you as a commenter.

This is going to be a great month for all!

Have fun and look forward to reading your posts- sue

Want to join us and learn more about getting your message out to the world: 


Please note: I reserve the right to delete comments that are offensive or off-topic.

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81 thoughts on “Welcome to the October Blog A Day Challenge

  1. Excited, but apprehensive too! I am hoping to provide worthwhile, usable content during this challenge. And since I have not been using blogs or fb posts to support my business, this will be a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and expand!

  2. Sue, thank you for inviting me to your blog a day challenge again. I did it last year and posted everyday and found it quite motivating. I’m looking forward to the challenge again this year. Upward and onward!


  3. Hi Sue, excited to take part in this with you. It’s taking me out of my comfort zone but already I feel as if I have expanded myself and looking forward to where this experience will take me!
    –Kim Ravida

  4. Hi Sue!

    My blogging muscle needs some “strength training.” Looking forward to the blogging challenge helping with this.

    Excited to see if I can become comfortable with blogging.

    • Yvonne-
      You need to be posting on the current day or no one will see your post. I just noticed that you have been posting all of your posts here. There is a new place to post everyday. This is why no one is seeing your posts and commenting. If you go to http://www.thrive4success.com/blog each day, you will see where to post your link. I am copying this to today’s page. Thanks for participating and sorry I did not catch this earlier.

  5. I am excited to start consistently posting on Facebook and my website. I am still improving my site, post everything on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I am the founder of Garden of Health (www.facebook.com/gardenofhealthnonprofit and http://www.gardenofhealthinc.org). I am the passionate about getting special dietary foods and fresh produce into food pantries, soup kitchens and other place where low income individuals get help. I am also passionate about gardening and growing organic food. We have an organic gardening program where low income families and individuals can grow their own organic food.

  6. New blogger here. Using this challenge to get comfortable posting what I write. Fresh start. I am passionate about kindness – to ourselves, to others and its effects not only on our daily lives but on our businesses. Should have website up in a few days. Will post link then.

  7. My name is MaryAnne Roberto, and I am a mother of eight, teacher of the blind and an aspiring writer. I am writing a blog to help me to write consistently, and I need a challenge to write every day and ‘publish’ my writing. I am currently working on a novel with the help of an established writer, but I am also working on a memoir-type book regarding our family, adoption, and raising children with special needs. So, it’s important for me to ‘get out there’ in the blog world so that I can begin to generate interset in my story. Very excited to be here!

  8. Hello Bloggers! April McKnight, Independent Consultant with Arbonne, here. I ❤ helping folks use Ultra Premium personal care products while showing them how time and financial freedom is well within their grasp! I cannot wait to learn how to better enrich people’s lives with my passion…. Thanks Sue!

  9. I am very excited to be a part of this. I am the founder of Garden of Health. Our mission is to get special dietary foods and fresh produce into food pantries and the hands of low income families and individuals.

  10. Hi al!
    I am Kristin Smedley and my blog is called Eye Believe in Miracles! The fact that I ever started blogging is a miracle LOL! I write about finding the silver lining and making great lemonade out of life’s lemons, Can’t wait to read all of your blogs and get to know you all! And thanks so much for participating – I am President and Founder of the CRBF which this challenge is benefiting! Stay tuned to my blog and you’ll see why I am passionate about my work 🙂

  11. My name is Jena from OneLargePlain.com. Happy to be here! I blog for busy women in their 30s and 40s who still want to look stylish but don’t have the time to keep up with all the latest fashions. I do the homework for you! I keep you stylish well into your 50s!!

  12. Hi!
    I am officially 3 days behind and apparently CANNOT find where to post my blog. A bit challenged this morning and hoping to figure it out! My name is Jennifer Eckfield and I own The Learning Experience Doylestown. We have been open 3 years this weekend and care for 176 kids (at this moment). I have a soon to be 9 year old son that keeps me moving and on my toes and I rarely sleep! Super excited to blog and sadly this is me on zero caffeine! I look forward to getting to know everyone and reading your blogs!

  13. Hello Everyone! I’m super excited about this amazing challenge, I help ambitious women breakthrough their credit issues & as a result SKYrocket their score, increase their confidence & live their financial reality! I’m looking forward to serving a multitude of women. ❤️