About Sue

From Corporate Office to Home Office

One thing I learned from all my years in Corporate America, it is that to be successful, you need to understand the value of your service and your time.

The same is true – in fact, even more so – when you own your own business.  If you don’t understand the value of what you offer and create a a program that speaks to your target audience, then you will continue to strive in your effort to find the right clients and you will struggle to find the time to enjoy the lifestyle you desire….

However, if your Signature Program and your offer is compelling and powerful, everything you do will be so much easier – especially when it comes to attracting clients and making money!  In a word, you will THRIVE!

I’m Sue Guiher and I have spent over 20 years working in marketing and sales; helping individuals and organizations create programs which work.   I understand the value of time and the exact steps you need to take when creating and growing a business so you create a business you are in control of and not a business which runs you.  Because really, isn’t that why you started your own business, to have more time and freedom?

Business doesn’t have to be so hard…

I am truly frustrated by this belief that business has to be hard and a struggle. So many business owners come to me working way too many hours on their business and they still are just in the survivor mode or perhaps they have moved on to striving. They don’t know how to connect with the clients they are mean to serve and honestly, they are actually getting in their own way.

Most small business owners fear or perhaps even hate marketing; I actually find it quite fun and a way to connect with clients that are ideal. Ideas flow very easily for me and I enjoy the collaboration that comes from helping my clients discover how easy it can be for them to grow their business. I love when my clients tell me that they love their business and that they are no longer overwhelmed by their business. “That was easy” is one of my favorite mantras and often the language my clients begin to use to describe connecting with their ideal clients.

It is my mission to help small business owners grow their business to a place where they feel like they are thriving financially, while also thriving emotionally. My clients have time to spend on their physical well-being as well as time to spend with their family and friends.

While an executive for a large healthcare company, I managed over 75 staff members; creating programs which provided stellar service while making the best use of each of the person’s talents and time.   I have taken that knowledge and experience and for the past decade have done the same for my clients-from personal trainers to lawyers to coaches and consultants.  More recently, I have helped business leaders communicate more effectively by teaching at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.