3 Reasons to Increase Your Focus NOW!

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Focus is one of those things in life that can feel really hard to attain so we might resist against it.  Yes, deep down we know that if we spent the time and created the discipline, the pay-offs would be huge for our productivity and ultimately, our freedom. 

Ah, freedom.  At some level we all want freedom.  So what if, there was a way to create more freedom for you around your business and your life.  You guessed, it starts with focusing on the right things at the right time.  There are 3 reasons why you want to increase your focus, starting TODAY:

  1. You will create a bigger comfort one
  2. Your systems will save your sanity
  3. Your goals will be obtained faster


Create a bigger comfort zone

Identifying tasks that are the ones that will more you forward and then performing these tasks will increase your success.  It is tempting to spend your time doing the easy tasks (you know checking email, responding to posts from friends on Facebook or Instagram, making the lists of what you are “going to do”) but these are not the one that create money and thus freedom.  In fact, focusing on these tasks most likely will take you away from your goals.

Tasks that make you uncomfortable are often tasks that will push your business into forward momentum, such as real life networking or giving presentation or, dare I say it, picking up the phone and having a sales conversation. Performing these tasks will get easier with practice and will allow you to develop real life relationships. If you gain new customers/clients/partners in the process, that’s a quicker way to increased productivity and freedom than if you stayed in the easy lane.

Save your sanity with systems

Creating systems for each area of your business will allow your company’s operations to run more smoothly.  By taking the time to focus on the processes that go into each area of your business, you will understand you business more thoroughly. Where is there duplication or wasted time?  If you work with partners, does the work flow from one person to the next in an easy consistent manner?

When you understand more of where you are focusing your time and energy, you can make tweaks AND you can automate.  These tweaks can save you a whole lot of time and most likely, energy AND money. What would you do if you could gain back an hour a day?  Think about that.  If you have 7 more hours a week (almost a full work day), what would you do?

When you have systems and processes solidly in place, I know you will feel more productive and energized.  You would know that your time was being focused in the right direction and on the right things. Wasted time would be a thing of the past. Processes decrease the amount of thinking that needs to happen to get something done. Checklists are great ways to put processes in place so you can spend your time focused on getting the tasks done rather than having to think about what the steps are every time.

I invite you to begin in one area of your business today (perhaps your client on boarding process or your process for writing a blog post).  See how much freedom you get when you can create sustained focus and move things forward.

Focus to reach your goals faster

Identifying your goals and then breaking them down into doable tasks will propel you forward toward achieving what you truly want in life.  That is if you are focusing on the right goals.  It comes down to creating long-term goals.  These can be really long-term, say 5-10 years and might focus on you at a different stage of your life or career.  Set those up and then work in reverse.  What are your 3-5 and then your 1-3 year goals?  Do you want to working a certain number of hours per month?  Do you want a certain level of success?  What does success look like for you 1-3 years from now?  What does freedom look like?

Once you have done this work, then take a step back again.  What are your 6-month goals?  Do they support your 1-3 year goals (and for that matter, do your 1-3 year old goals support you on the path to achieving your 5-10 year old goals?)  Are your goals ones that you can reasonably achieve in the time frame you are allowing?

Now, let’s look at the next 90 days.  This is where the rubber meets the road.  What are your goals for the next 3 months and what tasks are you going to focus on to achieve those goals.  Taking the time to be specific and to ask yourself, “Will doing this move me forward to achieving my goals?”  If the answer is “maybe” or “hmm, not sure”, then you are most likely not focusing on the right things.  By spending the time of understanding where you need to focus and then doing that, you will increase your productivity.

When you focus on the right things and increase your productivity and flow, what happens?  You feel maaarvelous and in control and more confident.  And, oh yeah, you create more freedom for yourself.

Focus is so important for your well-being because it expands your comfort zone, saves you time and helps you reach your goals faster.  If you would like learn some more tips to increase your focus and productivity, I have created a short report, “Top 10 Ways to be More Productive”.  Get your copy now:

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